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The Tuesday Night Parent Tournament consists of one USCF-rated game each Tuesday evening at the Scottsdale location. This event is our only rated tournament for adults. Great opportunity for parents, coaches, and veterans of the game to play and compete together!

Student Round Robin is three 30-minute games played back-to-back to allow your student to practice their chess in a fun and casual environment. Top player in every group of 4 receives a trophy. Can serve as a Parent Night 30 minute early drop-off and late pick-up allowed.

Round Robin Events temporarily cancelled. Check back for further updates or call us at 602-482-4867.

Tuesday Night USCF Event will return for August 2021. Call us at 602-482-4867 for more information

Student/Adult Practice and Play

Event Date Time Location
Tuesday Night Parent USCF Tournament TBD 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM 70th and Shea