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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chess Emporium?

  • The Chess Emporium is the premier provider of scholastic chess classes and tournaments in the Phoenix area.
  • Over the past 20 years, in excess of 70,000 students have been trained by our passionate and dedicated coaches.
  • Each week we teach over 3000 students in more than 300 schools.
  • Our four large commercial chess centers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe provide all aspiring students access to our products and services (regardless of the school which they attend).

What is The Chess Emporium's foremost product?

  • Premium Center Classes are designed for more personalized instruction with smaller class sizes than other chess clubs.
  • In our Premium Center Classes, students are grouped by ability level and presented new material each week by our coaches.
  • We utilize a learning system that ensures there are no gaps in student knowledge. The student only moves on to the next level after he/she "qualifies" on each topic at the current level.
  • Activity sets, tactics, and analysis strengthen the mind and make learning fun!

What are the benefits of experiencing a tournament for my child?

  • Chess tournaments teach sportsmanship, social skills, and persistence. They provide excellent practice and generate motivation for improvement. Visit our Tournament Introduction page for a friendly overview of our tournament offerings.

What else is offered at The Chess Emporium's Tempe and Phoenix locations?

  • Parents who know the Benefits of Chess often seek additional learning opportunities for their children including private lessons, small-group sessions (called SuperGroups), or chess camps!
  • Additionally, we sell a variety of chess-related products and host weekly events where students get a chance to have fun and test their skills in a comfortable environment.

About Us

The Chess Emporium was founded in 1993 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since that time, we have grown to become one of the nation's premier providers of scholastic chess tournaments and instruction. The Chess Emporium actively encourages the youth of the Phoenix area to play chess.

Our Locations

The Chess Emporium is pleased to offer four locations for your chess needs. We have a chess center located in Scottsdale at 70th St and Shea Blvd, one located in Tempe at Elliot Rd and McClintock Dr, and one located in Phoenix at Carefree and 27th Dr.