Classes Overview

Step 1: Schedule an Assessment

We have numerous slots available evenings and weekends. Call 602-482-4867 or click here!

Step 2: Determine Student's Level

The assessment coach will evaluate the student's knowledge of various chess concepts. Afterwards, he will mark the results on an achievement chart which will be used to track the student's progress. The student's starting level (Pawn, Knight, Bishop...) will be determined at this time.

Step 3: Select a Class

"I'll take the Thursday 5:30 Knight class"

Step 4: Before Class

The instructor will review each student's achievement chart and plan a lesson around 1-3 concepts that the students need.

Step 5: After Class

The instructor will mark on each achievement chart whether the student has been introduced, reviewed, or qualified on the concepts covered in class. If the student has qualified, they'll put a sticker next to that concept.

Step 6: Graduation!

When a student qualifies on all 30 concepts in a level, they graduate to the next level! Students receive a graduation certificate and their photo goes on our Wall of Honor. The student switches classes, starts a fresh achievement chart, and moves on to more challenging material.